Jane The Hedgehog As She Appears In Her Self Debut Movie Jane The Hedgehog: Origins Jane Has 5 Downward Dark Pink Spikes With White Quills Long Dark Pink Spikes With White Quills She Has White Eyelids She Has Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Pupils She Wears An Dark Pink/White Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Dark Pink Stomach Dark Blue Jeans, Dark Blue Shoes With Wings On It She Wore Black With Aqua Blue Line Wristband White Gloves And Had Black Wristbands And Dark Pink Tail She Has An White Mouth Muzzle She Is The Proud Mother Of 5 Girls (Annabelle The Hedgehog, Destiny The Hedgehog, Natalie The Hedgehog, Stephanie The Hedgehog And Miranda The Hedgehog) All Of Whom Look Exactly Like Their Mother They Are Also Dark Pink Furred She Has An Tendency To Show Her Sexual Relationship With Her Daughters A Lot She Believes In Justice And Freedom And Is Opposed To Injustice And Inhumanity


Jane The Hedgehog Is An Mother Of 5 Girls (Annabelle The Hedgehog, Destiny The Hedgehog, Natalie The Hedgehog, Stephanie The Hedgehog And Miranda The Hedgehog) All Of Whom Share Her Looks And Everything

Jane's Background Information And Backstory

Jane Grew Up On South Island Where She Raised Her 5 Daughters And Trained Them During The Years Leading Up To Robotnik's Eventual Conqueration Of Mobius She Has Been Training Them To Become Her Faithful Sidekicks And Companions Once They Were Fully Trained They Became Her Sidekicks And Companions During Jane's Crusade Against Robotnik But When The Suppression Squad (Anti Freedom Fighters) Came Into The Picture She Made Sure That They Won't Be Welcomed Back In Mobius Ever Again As She Had Developed Into An Passionate Leader Of Her Family And Loves Protecting Mobius And Fighting To Protect It


Jane Is 15 Years Old (June 23,1991)

Hobbies And Interests

Jane Likes To Play Video Games With Her Daughters She Is An Avid Baseball Card Collector As Well


Jane Is Soft Spoken Caring For Others And Putting Them First Before Herself Which Shows You How Unselfish She Was She Is Also Kind, Considerate, Helpful And Thoughtful


Jane The Hedgehog And Daughters: The Beginnings


Jane's Daughters Are Exceptionally Skilled At Everything Including Combat And Weaponry

Jane's Favorite Food Is The Same As Jonathan's: Hamburgers Her Daughters Love Hamburgers

Jane Is A Great Swimmer So Is Her Daughters

Jane Is Dark Pink But She Is A Cute Hedgehog Who Would Become An Inspirational Leader

Jane's Actual Birthplace Is South Island

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