"Follow your dreams" -Kira
  • Name: Kira The Tiger
  • Age:16
  • Gender: Female
  • Specias: Tiger
  • Fur Colours:Hot Pink
  • Fur Mark Colours: Purple
  • Eye Colour: Hot Pink
  • Theme Song: What Hurts The Most By: Cascada
  • Status: Crush but it will never happen because it's Moley's O.C. Orion TH...
  • Fav. Colour: Aqua-Marine
  • Team: Crypton
  • Outfit: Fish net gloves, Red spiked chocker, Purple and white boots, Purple Shirt + Shorts.
  • Family: dont want to know...
  • Info: She is the last of her whole entire family when she was kidnapped and the G.U.N. soilders k!lled her whole family...
  • Voice Sample: MEIKO from vocaloid software: #1
  • Likes: Maria R. TH, Amy Rose, Cream, Mya, Blaze, Cazelyn, friends, family[Gone...], cute boys, and stuff.
  • Dislikes: Shadow[Her kidnapper], Bullies, Death, The EMO, Eve TH, meanies, and bad stuff!
  • Backround Story: When she was born there was a war and she was kidnapped bye Shadow who had no choice. Then she got a job and found a life like anyone else.

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