Lily (ユリ) The Hedgehog (ハリネズミ)

Name: Lily

Full Name: Lily The Hedgehog

Age: 17

Species: Wolf

Gender: Female

Name Sounds Like: lil-E

Team: Crypton Members: Caze, Leon, Lily, Mya, Evel.

Likes: Leon The Hedgehog, Friends, Fashion, Adventures, Creme Bu Lay, Her Team, Music, Dancing, Night, Running, and FLUFFY STUFF!

Dislikes: Mean People, Evil, Bad Tasting Food, Bugs (Unless there Sonic bugs), X-boyfriends, Eggman, Dr. Robotnick, Getting Sick, Being Dead.

Type: Speed

Powers: She Can Travel Trough Time, Space, Cyberspace, Peoples Thoughts.

Forms: Super Flame, Travel Run, Touch, Burning Rose, Broken Wings, Melody Soul, Dark Heart, and Normal.

BFF: Mina The Mongoose

Status: In love with Leon The Hedgehog

Theme Songs:

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