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11111Abigail 'Abby' FoxAcdercuis Beach
Adrastea the WretchedhogAlecia " Alex " the BunnyAlexa The Hedgehog
Alfred the AncientAlpha CentuariAlpha Centuari the Echidna
Amethyst Of ChaosAmy Rose (Amy Rose SATAM Universe)Ana "Zomby" the Zombie
Anfang The HedgehogAngela The HedgehogAni the Sue
Anne The HedgehogAtomic the HedgehogAvalon the Hedgehog
Barb the PorcupineBecky Rebane 'Lupin' the Fennec FoxBecky the Fox
Bella Stella Robotnik the HedgehogBfoxBlack the Tiger
Blade the CatBlair the catBlake the hedghog
BlitZ the FoxhoundBlizzardWolfBolt "Benjamin" The Echidehog
Bolt the CatBunny the Fire RabbitBurai
Caine The WolfCaine the wolfCalley the Hedgehog
Candy the CatCaolan the FoxCapricorn the Echidna
Carey JessCarly the RabbitCeleste the Hedgehog
Chaos CrocChaos The HedgehogCharm the Hedgehog
Chase The HedgehogChrisma the German ShepardCiara the Hedgehog
Classic Jonathan The HedgehogClaws the WolfClyde Prowler
Cosmic the seedrianCrash the HedgehogCrystal The Coyote
Crystal the SquirrelCrystalline KyleCyclone the Shifter
Danica WolfDark Jonathan The HedgehogDark Rocket
Darka MaraporeDash The HedgehogDawn Dae
Delete PleaseDeletedDiesel the Hedgehog
Digital the BatDisaster The HedgehogDr.Lynn Puss
Drago the HedgehogDragon NexusDusk the Ultimate Life Form
Eclipse the HedgehogEclipse the PantherEli Fox
Elyas VonArcumEmerald the HedgeskunkEnri the hedgehog
EntrailEpsilon the HedgehogEris the Dragon
Evel The CatFist of the DragonFlare The hedgehog
Flare the FirefoxFleetway Super JonathanFleetway Super Sonic
Freeze The HedgehogFuck The TimberwolfGai Morgan
Galaxy the HedgehogGao the HedgehogGlister The Hedgehog
Gold the Sunrise BatGoro the CatHailie the Bat
Hallow the EchidnaHamaveck the HatefulHana heart
Harmony The MouseHastune Miku WolfHestia Pyro
Hope the FoxHybrid the HedgehogIcing the Hedgehog
Indwick Von BuzzmarkInferno the hedgehogInfinity the Hedgehog
Irkra The Hedgehorse (Irkra Cornelius Rose)Isl the HedgefoxIvory The Rabbit
Ivy the RaccoonIyce the WhorehogJack
Jacquelyn Elise VonArcumJacqui the HedgehogJaden Von Bat
Jaden Von Bat, IIIJakob Von WilheimJane The Hedgehog
Janna the JaguarJasmine the HedgehogJason The Hedgehog
Jasper Von BatJayde The HedgefoxJen The Hedgehog
Jonadic The HedgehogJonathan (Human Form)Jonathan The Hedgehog
Jonathan The Hedgehog (2013 Version)Jonathan The Hedgehog (Version 2)Josh Rabbit
Judas the wolf (ユダウォルフ)Julieanna The HedgehogK-Jag
KakyuusparkKarina WolfKaya The Wolf
Kechi The HedgehogKeira the HedgehogKeira the Raccoonhog
Kenneth "Khaine" the FoxKinomi 'Sapphire' The HedgehogKira The Tiger
Kitkat The FoxKnight the HedgehogKyoji Ishikawa
Lady HoneysuckleLady ObliterationLaina Paramore
Lala the CatLalitia CallaLeah the Bluewolf
Leah the DogLeah the HedgehogLexi The Hedgehog
Lexi The White WolfLightning "Selenia" BlisslightLily The Hedgehog
Lily the HedgehogLime the FoxLisa fox
List of Decent Human Beings in the Sonic FandomList of People in the Sonic Fandom That Are Actually Fans of Sonic and Not Their Own Shitty FancharacterLixes The Hedgehog
Loki the HedgehogLolita the LionLuna The Hedgehog
Madame Amanda BradanskaMaeveen "Mab" the HedgehogMarie the Tundra Wolf
Marie the WolfMaxim the CatMeddie the Alien Cat
Melissa The HedgehogMellisaMichelle The Hedgehog
Michelle the WolfMiyuki WolfMizuki Cross The Hedgehog
MoonDance the HedgehogMoonlight the HedgehogMoonlust the Dark Hedgehog (AKA Lust)
Mya FoxNancy the HedgehogNega Xero The Negative Chaos Emerald
Negative The HedgehogNemesisNeon Blacklight
Nicole the HedgehogNightwind the HedgehogNobusaki "Yaku" Hakanoshi
Onyx Von BatPatricia Alberona The Vampire Succubus LionessPepper the echidna
Phantom The HedgehogProf. George IrvinePurity the Hedgehog
Pyro the FirefoxQuesta the HedgehogRage the Cyborg
Rage the HedgehogRahleigh the BatRaika the Wolf
Raine The HedgehogRavager the Anti-CharacterRaven the Wolf
Richard The HedgehogRising the hedghogRocket
Rook/Rookie ISTRosalina 'Monza' The HedgehogRose The Rabbit
Roxanne The RaccoonS.P The HedgehogSamantha the Skunk
SamanthathecatSasha CatSemi The Time Traveler
Sezi the CatShade The Civet Hybrid (CivetXWolfXDemon)Shade The Hedgehog
Shadia the CatShadow The Hedgehog (Classic)Shady L Darkness The Hedgehog
Shady the HedgehogShawn The HedgehogSheir the Chipmunk
Sherri The HedgehogShimmer the HedgehogShimo Hakanoshi
SiagSigmund "Siggy" the HedgehogSisco Coollet
Skye the CatSkye the PenguinSojic the Dog
Sonicsociety WikiSophie 'Sophz' EchidnahogSpazz the Hedgehog
Specter the FoxSpeedy the HedgehogStacy The Hedgehog
Starlight the HedgehogStarr TundraSugar the Hedgehog
Summer Firestar the CatSuper Jonathan The Hedgehog 3Super Shadow The Hedgehog (Classic)
Supernova Yasmin the HedgehogSwirl the poodleSythe The Fox
TESTTaiya The CatTanza The Cat
Tara RabbitTeam ChaosTeam Cynical
Team EternalTeam ExtremeTeam proud fighters
Terri the HedgehogTesshin The BadgerThe Anti Mobian Army
The IST (Inflitration Shock Troopers)The NeoniansThe Swarm
The Von Bat SiblingsTiny the MouseTopaz The Hedgehog
Trish Rowdy the TigerbatTuckles the HybridTyphoon the Hedgehog
UndertakerUnused WikiVazz the Hedgehog
Velocity Star the CatVeshae The VulpixVoyager the Monkey
Vylit the HedgehogWhisky the CatWolf
Wolfia "princess" willowWraith the HedgehogZakiru the Hedgehog
Zanthos The HedgehogZaphira the Hedgehog