Samantha flirty

Samantha the skunk

Samantha is a sassy skunkette with an eye for gems (like Rouge the bat) and is a mother of five. She is kind but can get angry easily.

Character Profile

Name: Samantha

Species: Skunk

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Date of creation: 10th November 2008

Eye colour: Purple

Fur colour: Dark grey/Black and white

Hair colour: White

Height: 4'2

Team Info

Team name: Team Diamond

Members: Samantha the skunk, Adele the Hedgehog and Violet the Bat

Speed type: Samantha the skunk

Power type: Adele the hedgehog

Flight type: Violet the bat


Samantha is the wife of Vazz the hedgehog and a mother of five. Despite her being seperated with her parents at the age of five, Samantha has trained throughout the years in the art of martial arts and stealing. She is a black belt in karate and a weapons expert.


When Samantha was just five years old, she had got seperated from her parents Blossom the skunk and Lightning the skunk. Knowing that she was all alone, she had to fend for herself by stealing foods from nearby stalls and then saw people walking by with jewels, this caught her attention when she over heard about how much money people could get from these stones. This began the adventures of the jewel thief Samantha the Skunk.

As soon as Samantha gathered enough gems, she traded them in for money and got herself a passport at just 8 years old. She sneaked in with a family onto a plane to Mobius where she attended the local school. She met Adele the Hedgehog and Violet the bat and they all became close friends. There she also met her future husband Vazz the hedgehog, they also became friends but as time passed Vazz grew feelings for her.

A few years later and Samantha moved into her own house (thanks to more gem stealing) at just 15. She was the top student in her high school and was very popular.

After Samantha had graduated from high school, she decided to keep up stealing gems. She kept this going until she was 18 where she was offered a place at G.U.N. Samantha became a spy for the government and on the way dated many guys such as, Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow. Later, she met a hedgehog named Slash and the two fell in love and got married. They both had two children, Flash the hedgeskunk and Laura the hedgeskunk. Life was good. Unfortunally for Slash, Samantha was reunited with Vazz the hedgehog after years of seperation where he confessed his feelings to her. Samantha was swept off her feet and started secretly seeing Vazz. Samantha and Vazz kept this up for about a year until they decided it was finally time for them to tell Slash. Things got very very bad. Slash was furious and left taking Flash and Laura with him, however Laura refused to leave her mother's side and so Slash only took Flash. This broke Samantha's heart seeing her own son leave her.

A year later Vazz (19) and Samantha (19) moved in together and got married. They had two twins, Jade the hedgehog and Sky the skunk. Another year later and Samantha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Emerald the Hedgeskunk.

Samantha now only works as a part time spy and a part time secertary for G.U.N.


  • She can use Chaos Control and can teleport anyone away by simply clicking her fingers.
  • She is a master at martial arts.
  • She is a weapons expert (though the only weapon you see her use is her gun).
  • Samantha can turn super, dark and into a wereskunk


Samantha the skunk only really appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and Vazz X Defenders of Mobius (Chapter 1 Part 1, Chapter 2 Part 11, Chapter 2 Part 14, Chapter 3 Part 3, Chapter 3 Part 4 and Chapter 3 Part 5).

In Vazz X Defenders of Mobius, Samantha is a slightly minor character as it is not a series based on her. She still does appear a lot due to her being the wife of the main character, but still not a lot. When she does appear she is only in a group or helping out her husband Vazz.


  • Samantha was the second character I created, the first being Rita the Mouse (Who I don't really use anymore).
  • She was going to be American but then I decided to make her English.
  • I was going to make her marry Knuckles but I thought that this wasn't orginal enough.
  • Samantha orginally had flat grey Sonic shoes instead of high heeled ones. Her skirt was also not pleated and she ogrinally had two straps instead of one hanging off of her shoulder. Also, her hair was shorter and with no fringe/bangs.
  • Samantha has a female chao named Diamond.
  • Samantha wasn't based off Rouge the Bat but instead based off Stella the Skunk from "Over the Hedge".
  • Her nicknames are Sam and Sammy.

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