The IST are a special G.U.N. Project.

After so many robot designs failing to the supierior Eggman designs. GUN decided to create robots that could think for themselves in a hopes to outsmart Eggman. Thus starting the Infiltration Shock Trooper project. after a few teams were built with their own skills only one team got the best score, Team 117. The special thing about the robots was that GUN had found a way to make them even stronger, not only could they learn, they could adapt just like a human thanks to some nanotechnology they had aquired from Dr. Gerald Robotnik before his death, the IST can learn, adapt, and heal just like humans but remain to be machines.

G.U.N. is not sure whether to consider them a success or a bad idea since they can learn for themselves and become corrupt.

Onto the 4 of Team 117.

Rook The newest member

Craze The Psycho

Rad The Sniper

Fuse The explosives expert

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